Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Alice In Wonderland Tea

3.25.2017 || Our church hosted its first "Through The Looking Glass" Ladies & Girls Tea with an Alice In Wonderland theme last Saturday. It was one of my biggest event set up yet, seating for about 270+ guests but I worked with many talented, hard working, crafty ladies that it turned out pretty amazingly wonderful! Don't forget to click on the {heart} over at Catch My Party.

Let's start the tour at the front entrance and foyer. The guests placed their raffle tickets in one of the glass vases at the "Welcome" stop. All the chalk/dry erase pen lettering were done by one of our church staff, Anna. Flower and butterfly chalkboards were from Target many years ago.

This gorgeous tulle skirt was made from leftover scraps we got from church storage.  Traci does quality, beautiful work with pretty much any material thrown at her...burlap, paper, tulle, twine, ribbon, duct tape, etc.

The whimsical garden chairs, pillows, fuchsia vases and teal sphere decor just happened to be part of Vivien's home decor where I went "shopping" while I dropped off materials at her house.

The chairs were wobbly so we put these special "reserved" signs to avoid potential accidents.

Here are a few details of our Mad Hatter's Table:

Traci just artfully wrapped tulle on an old kettle and it becomes magical tablescape...

She also DIY these topiaries where the Queen of Hearts is even getting some of the roses painted red or it's, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

Traci also painted mushrooms on paper cups and bowls and created a giant "un-birthday" cake out of an ordinary plastic tub...there's nothing this amazing woman cannot do!

Meanwhile, my hard working, also uber creative assistant, Xandra, bought this antique, silver tray from a neighborhood garage sale. The church had this metal easel that just works for our "Looking Glass" station. The hot pink and black ornate mirrors were from Hobby Lobby.

The candles on our "un-birthday" cake could also lit up via a remote control...the wow factor was never ending!  Haha, our sweet Pastor's wife was telling us if there were projects that we could cut she was okay with that we already decked out the church from the stage all the way to outside.

Yup, we had a homemade giant butterfly soaring in the foyer...also by Traci :)

Our Connect Desk (or guest service area) were decorated with some purple and black tablecloths draped for a dramatic ambiance complete with cardboard frames from Hobby Lobby and the Cheshire Cat grin DIY by Traci. I wanted round paper lanterns hanging in this area but the ones I bought were tiny {they looked big in the picture} I just scattered them on the back counter.

Alice's sequel "Through The Looking Glass" really didn't have a "rabbit hole" but this was way too much fun {and work but oh so worth it} not to be included. We had two main entrances going into the auditorium so we covered both walls with rolls of paper and some other elements that would make it feel like a "rabbit hole." 

Duct tape, masking tape, glue gun and staples were all used to make sure our "rabbit hole" stayed up.

There's a door with glass window in one of the "rabbit hole" wall with a poster from a past event. I flipped the poster to its white side, trimmed it with a harlequin scrapbook paper and accented it with a cardboard black frame. Anna wrote an Alice quote in the frame with dry erase marker, so cool how it looked.

In the main auditorium, we set up 32 tables of varying sizes and shapes. For weeks prior, Xandra and I have been working along with other ladies in our small group to make 30+ centerpieces. We found these ceramic pots, fake flowers and decorative rocks in church storage. We modge podged these black/white checkered napkins onto the vases. Xandra made the characters and stacked teacups using a cricut. The Dollar Store mirrors were donated.

The paper goods were from Party City, they had the cheapest polka dot paper plates. The plain white paper teacups were from Amazon. The napkins inserted in the teacups were mostly from Dollar Tree and Walmart. We had crayons, colored pencils and stickers set up for the guests to decorate their white cups.

Vivien did an impeccable job spray painting and hot gluing all these teacups, mugs and saucers. She also had the task of wrapping each spoon and fork set with a napkin and bakers twine. There were 280 of those...she had patience and skills!

We had Dollar Tree 4x6 frames with character quotes on them that were also used to dismiss the tables to the buffet.

We had Bella's Traveling Tea Party cater our event. I heard they made 900  yummy tea sandwiches including cucumber, chicken and nutella flavors plus delicious scones, cupcakes, cookies and macarons.

Our stage decor was done by another talented lady, Laura. She used insulation foam board from Home depot to make these...

We had lanterns, more mushrooms and topiaries, so I added them on the stage.

And this Pinterest inspired bathroom was one of those things that would be ok not done...buuuut we had a wedding aisle runner that was gonna be thrown away, more tulle, McGyver-like Traci who already had the glittered hearts, two ladies recruited to help out last minute and a determined Pastor's wife sooooo here they are...ta-da!

And more "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" reminder...

Outside, we have an awesome artist, Mandy, who drew Alice characters on poster and trifold boards. The colors were so bright and spot on.

We also had pinwheels and metal butterflies from church storage, so why not?!

Glad to get to know and become friends with my crafty ladies many more not named, you all rock! Truly honored to be part of this event and I had a great, fun time with my daughter and be able to fellowship with other ladies and girls at our lil Tea Party.