Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shopkins 9th Birthday

9.17.2016 || My daughter got into Shopkins last year with her 3rd grade friends. So when I saw Shopkins party items on clearance at Walmart last spring, I had to buy them. And I'm thankful that I did since Walmart didn't have much lately. Party City had a pretty decent collection and they're pretty much everywhere nowadays that I am sick of them yet gravitate toward them at the same time. Here are some photos from our birthday celebration.

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my cousins-in-law did the final set up
as I was busy cleaning up a spill in
the kitchen and the guest
started arriving
another awesome cake
by my cousin-in-law, Francis
cookies and macarons by Tamara

mini water bottles
ribbons came from aliexpress, unfortunately the
seller is no longer selling the same item
circle tags are from Delicate Construction 
souvenir cups from Party City
filled with more sugar and sweets
I made my own tags
I also made my own sign
drink station
we ordered Chinese and Filipino dishes
we also had a lot of rice, like 4 trays of rice
Welcome Sign I also made
Kooky Cookie piƱata from Walmart
I was really sad it got destroyed eventually :(
It was so cute! 
scene setter from Party City
living room decked out with Shopkins
I couldn't find a local costume character for hire that has Shopkins
so I asked my coworker who did a Cinderella gig looong time
ago for another coworker to dress up as Jessicake, one of the
Shoppies doll. She already owned an 80s prom dress. I just bought
an aqua wig and fuchsia shoes from China to complete the look.
With some glue gun and felt, I embellished her cupcake shoes,
and also made the cupcake head accessories two hours
before the party lol
the DJ fam bam with Jessicake
birthday girl and Jessicake
Thanks so much, Dani!
It's actually birthday week for both of them....

Happy Birthday, Faith & Dani!