Saturday, October 10, 2015

Star Wars Reads Day 2015

10.9.15 || When our school librarian, Ms. D. invited the staff to have a Star Wars Reads Day Potluck, this is what happens...
sneak peak with Ms. B as Princess Leia 
one day, that eye sore of a bulletin board
will get its makeover lol
lots of food, our FINE staff loves to eat!

Vader Veggies, 7 Leia Dip, Dark Side Chips,
Princess Lays, C3PO Oil Dip were just
a few of our clever dishes
Use the Forks, Luke!
thirsty for some Jedi Juice and Yoda Soda
with our Han Solo Cups
Princess Leia Danish, Force Fruit and Jabba Fingers
Darth Vader commands us to join him
so join we will
Yoda masterfully holding Death Star Gumballs
Stormtrooper Salt and Darth Vader Pepper Shakers
Ewok Graham Snacks

Padawan Lucky Charms Bites 
Wookie Cookies
these lil framed cartoons are so cute
and of course yummy, marble cake!
even lil Vader will eventually rule the galaxy :)

May The Force Be With You All!