Friday, September 11, 2015

{Flashback Friday} My Little Pony 6th Birthday

September 2013 || In a couple of days, my favorite girl will be 8.  Two years ago, I was about 6 months pregnant with hyperemesis when we threw this double birthday party with her cousin since their birthdays are one day apart.  I think it was the biggest one we've ever hosted as there were about a hundred people.  Life happens and though the pics have been posted on FB, I never blogged about this MLP party.  So here it is, two years later...

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custom printables from SimplyCreateDesigns
and it says "Our Little Party"
ruffle petit cake by Peridot Sweets
red velvet mini cupcakes from Sam's
with baking cups from Home Goods

french macarons from Peridot Sweets

party decor from Party City
Laura's tacos order on-site
sooooo yummy!
pony rides by Petting Zoo 2U
Western Trails Neighborhood Park in the SW
is the only park that allows live animals
and equipped with equestrian trails
piƱata time
one last ride

Kona-Ice to the rescue on that very hot September day...
I just happen to follow this truck couple days before the party
on the freeway and thought it would be really cool to have at the park.
I texted the number posted on his truck and there he appeared
just in time for our birthday bash.
the  F-l-a-v-o-r-w-a-v-e!
{flashback Friday} when she was six, sigh!
As we gear up for your 8th birthday, 
may you always stay smart, sweet and kind.