Thursday, March 5, 2015

Superhero Classroom Doors

3.4.15 || Wednesday was judging day for Nevada Reading Week door decoration contest for school.  This year's theme is Got Books?  Be a Superhero...Read!  For classroom doors, the majority of the door decor must be student created.  Here are some of the doors I took pics of around the school.

Ms. H's Door
Ms. VK's Door
Ms. K's Door
Ms. W's Door
Congratulations for winning the grand prize,
it was my fave! 
The Incredibles of Ms. W's class
Ms. N's door
2nd grade winner, woohoo!
Ms. D and her super kinder readers
and she bakes and blogs, too :)

Here are some of our heroic specialists' doors as well:
Mr. Z has been pinning he said
Great job Mr. Z and Mr. S!
Spidey on Ms. H's door
inspired by the Batman of Ms. W
We had to dress up Mr. B's door
even though he didn't know he'll be the
Green Lantern 
Ms. J's telephone booth
And Captain V is just behind this door
We have a bunch of creative, crafty, fun #FinePeeps around here!

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