Monday, March 24, 2014

Kendall's 1st Birthday Cowgirl Party

We got to attend and celebrate with the cutest cowgirl yesterday.

Disclaimer:  As much as I enjoy setting up a great party, I had nothing to do with this one.  It was all Kendall's mom and her family who get the props and credit :)

The party was held at McKee Ranch, a non-profit ranch that runs community events, parties and other celebrations throughout the year.  I'm excited they 'sell' fresh eggs...more like donate $5 for a dozen eggs.  Christi McKee said their chickens lay about 10-12 dozen eggs a day.  I will have to drive by soon and get some of those eggs.  They do have some crazy chickens though that will chase you if they think you have food in your hand...brought back some childhood nightmares...yes, we had chickens growing up and they did chase me.  That's why I don't like birds and fowl in general.  Anyways, birds and fowl are not the point of this post.  Here are some pics from the party, heehaw!

Happy 1st Birthday, Kendall!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sean's Minecraft 10th Birthday

If you're around kids, you might have heard of Minecraft...along with almost 9,000,000 Facebook fans!  I don't know what the appeal is as it hurts my eyes just looking at its pixelated images.  Anywho, I helped my cousin put together her son's party in less than 5 days.  Yes, it took many, many, many trips to Michaels, Party City and Dollar Tree.  And thank you Catch My Party, Etsy, Pinterest, Google and crafty mommas of the internet to make it all possible.
it's all about Minecraft!

I bought 16 green shirts for $2 for 5 and blank iron-on sheets at Michaels.   I got the Creeper Face template here and the green block face from here.  It's my first time to do these and they turned out pretty neat.  The creeper onesie is way too cute!  Just follow the instruction on how to print the sheets on your inkjet printer.  I made myself one but my shirt was black and I forgot the iron-on sheets specify if it's for light or dark colored shirts.  These were for light colored shirts.

Here are more party deets:                

cake by Andrea's World of Cake

most food labels were free printables from Catch My Party
'sticks' I made from Pages and copied/pasted the image off Google
personalized water bottle labels were digital files from Etsy
by Rachel of Creative Little Parties
food items were gum balls and rolos from Party City
they were $1 for 15 candies
Easter 'carrot' chocolates, mini cookies and
crackers for 'bread' were from Dollar Tree
Twizzlers for 'TNT' from Party City
red velvet cupcakes from Andrea's World of Cakes
'diamonds' from Dollar Tree
more free printable labels from Catch My Party
I made chocolate Lego bricks in Minecraft colors
Etsy editable printable door sign
by Rachel of Creative Little Parties
fun party props from Target and Toys 'r Us
my cousin and I as Creeper & Steve
my lil Creeper
Minecraft girls

lining up for the Scavenger Hunt
they had to find the ingredients to 'craft a cake'
ingredients were placed inside Easter eggs
crafting cake recipe
I found the images off Google and just printed them

Enlarge the picture or something similar above for the Scavenger Hunt
Cut up the ingredients and put them in plastic Easter Eggs
Give each person or team the full recipe
The person or team who collects all the ingredients wins
Perler Beads were a hit, available at Michaels
Google 'Minecraft Perler Beads' and you'll find patterns to follow
off course, he's playing Minecraft!

Happy 10th Birthday Sean!