Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome Back to School 2014!

9.7.14 | Ooops, did I just miss August?!!!  Summer flew by, of course and we're already entering our 3rd week of school, yikes!  Yes, I'm still editing pics from our summer road trips, vacations and such.  But I've also got cool back-to-school pics from Lala Photography and lil miss F is already turning 7 next week, say what?!!! Her front teeth are falling off one by one, exciting times for a second grader.  And our lil man is almost 20 lbs at almost 9 months.  Don't you just want sometimes for time to stand still and soak it all in?  That's why I take pics, lots of it and try to document life (mostly via social media) so that I could always look back at those memories created and milestones passed.  One day they will be in a Project Life album, for now they're #hashtagged on Instagram and Facebook.  The almost 7 year old loves to look at pics, she's also starting to take pics and has asked for a camera.  May she be a better photographer than I am.

Have a super smart school year!

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