Saturday, May 31, 2014

Speech Room Tour 2012-2014

We have 2.5 school days left for this school year and as I get ready to pack up my speech room, here's what it has looked like the past two years...not the best looking photos since they were taken by my phone but gives you a glimpse of my work space :)

*Update* check out Speech Room Style for featuring the speech room as well.

Word of the Week and Idiom of the Week
from Amazon, idea from another SLP
who actually made her own
Welcome to Speech
fabric on bulletin board was from Hobby Lobby
pink containers from Container Store
Superhero Kids from TpT
flower decals from Target

door screen panels from Container Store
dice bean bag from Hobby Lobby
rug was bought online, maybe Overstock?
paper lantern and lamp from Target
came across Schoolgirl Style two years ago
and have been inspired by her classroom couture
Polka Dot wrapping paper I think was also Hobby Lobby or Home Goods
my 7-11 of therapy materials
this is why those kids never want to leave the speech room
how I keep my go-to speech documents
organized and accessible
file folders from Target
my cousin-in-law gave me a label maker twice...
she knows me well :)
frequent target sounds I work with
wall pockets and folders from Container Store
magnetic white board of schedules, calendars,
phone lists, Monday memos and other important stuff
theme/seasonal language files
plastic bins from the Container Store
I wrapped my frames with scrapping paper
pink baskets from the Dollar Tree
inherited tons of materials from a retired SLP
she had these old magazine holders
that I covered with scrapbooking paper and
attached labels with velcro
student folders color coded by grade levels
folders go on sale at Office Max/Depot
for 1 cent each during the summer
yes, I'm a pen hoarder!
wire utensil caddy from Home Goods
pink Zig Zag Pot from the Container Store
another reason the kids like to come to Speech,
I bribe them :)
my kids earn prizes every 5 stickers

Looking forward to the next school year 
but will be enjoying a wonderful summer break first!

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