Saturday, May 31, 2014

Speech Room Tour 2012-2014

We have 2.5 school days left for this school year and as I get ready to pack up my speech room, here's what it has looked like the past two years...not the best looking photos since they were taken by my phone but gives you a glimpse of my work space :)

*Update* check out Speech Room Style for featuring the speech room as well.

Word of the Week and Idiom of the Week
from Amazon, idea from another SLP
who actually made her own
Welcome to Speech
fabric on bulletin board was from Hobby Lobby
pink containers from Container Store
Superhero Kids from TpT
flower decals from Target

door screen panels from Container Store
dice bean bag from Hobby Lobby
rug was bought online, maybe Overstock?
paper lantern and lamp from Target
came across Schoolgirl Style two years ago
and have been inspired by her classroom couture
Polka Dot wrapping paper I think was also Hobby Lobby or Home Goods
my 7-11 of therapy materials
this is why those kids never want to leave the speech room
how I keep my go-to speech documents
organized and accessible
file folders from Target
my cousin-in-law gave me a label maker twice...
she knows me well :)
frequent target sounds I work with
wall pockets and folders from Container Store
magnetic white board of schedules, calendars,
phone lists, Monday memos and other important stuff
theme/seasonal language files
plastic bins from the Container Store
I wrapped my frames with scrapping paper
pink baskets from the Dollar Tree
inherited tons of materials from a retired SLP
she had these old magazine holders
that I covered with scrapbooking paper and
attached labels with velcro
student folders color coded by grade levels
folders go on sale at Office Max/Depot
for 1 cent each during the summer
yes, I'm a pen hoarder!
wire utensil caddy from Home Goods
pink Zig Zag Pot from the Container Store
another reason the kids like to come to Speech,
I bribe them :)
my kids earn prizes every 5 stickers

Looking forward to the next school year 
but will be enjoying a wonderful summer break first!

Monday, May 19, 2014

{Project} Baby Noah's Nursery

Noah's Nursery
The baby turned 5 months yesterday and has outgrown about a third of his clothes as well as all the shoes I've bought previously.  So I think it's about time to do a nursery tour before I start rearranging his clothing and organizers soon.
Before it was a nursery, it was big sister's bedroom.
Her room has been updated since this old pic
with the addition of a white 
Ikea Hemnes dresser
and an 
Expedit bookcase,
which is now called Kallax by the way
The dresser and the bookcase stayed, but everything else was taken out and moved.  The loft and other rooms pretty much looked like storage units for a couple of months as we rearranged two bedrooms and a's still a work in progress.  But at least Baby Noah's room is done for now. 

That sitting chair was a floor sample from Bassett furniture I bought couple years ago.  It's been floating around the house with no purpose.  It's a very comfortable chair but just didn't fit anywhere until we moved it to the nursery.  When the pile of laundry is not on it, it's a wonderful place to sit.

The Hemnes dresser has been updated with labels.  I ordered them from Bump and Beyond Designs on Etsy.  This allows the 6 year old, the 33 year old and the retired folks in the household know exactly where everything is even when I'm not around, lol.

I also bought the SKUBB boxes from Ikea to go in the drawers coz what OCDish person doesn't need drawer organizers.  They separate the socks from the burp cloths and the wash cloths from the bibs {angelic chorus singing hallelujah}!

And of course we have coordinating closet dividers :)

But they live in a very tiny closet.  Sissy's accessories on the top shelf has not found a new home yet. Those American Girl boxes will stay there until the boy figures out he doesn't want them in his room or closet anymore, haha.  

Oh yeah, I used those hospital tubs for the closet.  They contain hats, shoes, wipes, Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs, onsies and older, now ragged burp cloths.  I found some Pottery Barn Kids canvas bins on clearance for $9.99 each last year, I wish they had more but they only had two.  

On top of the dresser, I placed some of the baby shower gifts we received:  picture frame from the Latonio/Allen's, owl basket from Ms. Dean and the Walrus bank is from Max and Kristen Koslosky.  This 3 Little Pig is a hand me down for big sister from my previous boss when I used to teach ESL classes at night at the public library.  It's one of our favorites, and those pigs still sing and hum while the big, bad wolf tries to huff and puff their houses down.  The lamp is part of the Love n Nature set from Target, which was originally big sister Faith's room theme.  We just removed the pink owls and flowers decals and other wall art to make it more gender neutral.

view from the opposite corner
The rocking lion still needs to be cleaned but it is way too cute, especially for $15.  I bought it from one of my buy/sell/trade/swap Facebook group.  The bird/tree growth chart behind the chair came from Stampin' Up from long time ago.  It took me over three hours to apply on the wall when we first moved in 4 years ago coz it kept on rolling onto itself.  While part of the instruction specifically said "DON'T LET IT ROLL ONTO ITSELF," duh!  It'll be cool to have Noah's and Faith's growth tracked over the years.

I bought a convertible crib from Babies 'R' Us when it went on sale for $129.  A nice pack and play basically cost the same or more.  And I'd rather have real furniture that we can convert in the future.  I'm so glad I kept Faith's Pottery Barn Kids Twinkle Twinkle crib set and window coverings.  They have been given a new life in an actual nursery.  They're still in great shape after 6 years.  Staying neutral for Faith's first couple months paid off...before we went all out with pink and girly by month 6 or so :)

Between the crib and the dresser is the IKEA Expedit bookcase, now known as Kallax.  The white DRÖNA boxes went on sale for $1.99 during their New Year sale.  So yes, after a trip to quick care due to 2 weeks post partum complications, we drove all the way to Covina, CA to buy 8 DRÖNA boxes and a couple of other must-have furniture of the moment.

The baskets on top holds his current diapers and lotions, etc.  They were my nephews' from their old boys' rooms in Vancouver, WA.  They're now teenagers.  Time goes by fast.  The "Welcome" and "NOAH" banners came from my Noah's Ark Baby Shower that my sister and my friend hosted.  The owl and tree decals were part of the original Love 'n' Nature set.  We don't have a changing table nor a diaper Genie.  I find those gross.  We change him in the bathroom where water and soap is readily available during those times when the wipes aren't enough.

Anyway, back to the Expedit and the DRÖNA, the bottom boxes hold blankets, towels, swaddles and toys while the top 4 boxes are filled with diapers of all sizes.  I like to stock pile, lol.

Big sister made a "Noah's Ark" out of building blocks
And finally, here's the baby at 5 months old enjoying his seat and crib.  Thank you Mr. V and family for the Tiny Love crib mobile and red bébéPOD®.  I think his three kids used them before Noah.  It's funny I sold Faith's Tiny Love mobile and bébéPOD® last year and was thinking of buying them again.  Funny how these things work out.

We are thankful for all the family and friends 
who helped us put this {Project} Nursery together!