Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Little Pony Party

Last weekend, we celebrated a family friend's 5th birthday pool party with My Little Pony theme.  The mom ordered printables from etsy and made some banners, labels and toppers.  As my daughter is beginning to be into these colorful ponies as well, I'm slowly getting to know Rainbow Dash, Apple Jacks, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and the world of Ponyville.

My Little Ponies
Happy Birthday Banner
Cotton Candy Treats from Sam's Club
candy label printable
personalized water bottle labels
cheese cupcake homemade by
birthday girl's grandma, yummy!
Costco Chocolate Mousse Cake with
etsy printable

blowing the birthday candle
pool party
water balloon fight, yeah!
Happy 5th Birthday, Lauren!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

VeggieTales Birthday Party

Who does not love VeggieTales?!  These talking cucumber and tomato are hilarious and witty.  I was excited to be part of a VeggieTales Birthday Party set-up for a handsome 2-year old.  The only sad part was that we couldn't be at the actual party since it was during school day, boo!  I did a photo shoot instead so that mom and dad had an idea how all these props and goodies were supposed to get on the table :)

My mom helped wrapping the juice boxes.  We used a plain red wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree.  They didn't have any plain green so we just used Garden Green Stampin' Up! card stock.  I printed Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato images I copied and pasted from online and used circle punches to make the tags and other printables using Word.

I wrapped the utensils in green polka dot napkins from Walmart and tied them with red baker's twine.

Green Twizzlers were also bought from Walmart .  They were a little longer, more sticky and fatter than the regular Twizzlers.  I had to trim them down a lil bit with kitchen scissors to fit the 1x8 cello bags from Stampin' Up!.  I also had to air them out for some time so they were not so sticky and can slide more easily into the cello bags.

Napkins, paper plates and tablecloths were all from Walmart.

Veggie Straws were bought from Sam's Club.  World Market used to sell them but they don't anymore. I put them in the snack sized Ziploc baggies so the kids and guests can just add them to their goodie bags.

And speaking of goodie bags, I ordered these favor items from VeggieTales online store--treat sacks, cups, crayons, stickers and activity sheets.  They have other party items and decors there, too.

I bought the red velvet mini cupcakes from Sam's Club to be placed in these green chevron baking cups from Pick Your Plum.  I made 5 cupcake toppers to go on the top tier to complete the festive look.

Finally, I also printed some invites to go with the party.  However, bad eyes at midnight resulted to some typos.  I blame it on the curly cue font, ha!

And here's some pics from the actual party...thank you, Facebook!  I love that cupcake VeggieTales cake, so cute!  I printed some address labels that says "Thank you for coming!  God made you special and He loves you very much!"  I stuck them on the sides of the goodie bags.

The birthday boy was wearing Bob the Tomato shirt and his baby brother a Larry the Cucumber onesie, also from VeggieTales online store.  Even dad wore a coordinating shirt, lol.  Great job Peter and Leah!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Wilson!