Friday, February 22, 2013

FINE Popcorn Baby Shower

Yep, 3rd popcorn/ready-to-pop shower in about 6 months or so...this time for school, go Fine Firebirds!

Anyway, 3 ladies at work and in our SPED team alone are blessed with some babies, one already had hers and the other two are about to P.O.P. around the same time next month!

I bought these popcorn containers at Dollar Tree, the big one below was $1 each and the ones above were 2 for $1.

I squeezed in some baby lotion, shampoo and wipes with the diapers, wrapped them in cellophane and tied them with red Stampin' Up! ribbon.

Wrapped water bottles were a no-brainer.  I was stamping, punching and adhering while sitting all day during Staff Development...shhh!

Mini red velvet cupcakes were bought at Albertson's since Sams Club was already closed.

For favors, I bought a box of 24 microwavable popcorn for $5 at Walmart.  I already had the popcorn bags from previous party.  They were from Sams Club.  I tied some baker's twine around the bag since I have way too much twine around here, lol.

With construction and butcher paper scraps from the workroom, I made a 3D popcorn display.

The words were die-cut from our school's "cricut" type touch-screen machine.  That thing is a genius, I just wish it could cut cleaner and more precise.

The invitation's were exactly the same as my 1st Ready-to-Pop shower.

And she got to join the party, we even coordinated our outfits :)

Congratulations Team SPED mommas!

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