Saturday, January 26, 2013

{Project} Valentine Yarn Wreath

I think I first saw these cool yarn wreaths back in July on Pinterest or Etsy.  Then on my first (and last) trip to Goodwill last year, I found a straw wreath for $1.99.  I figured, one day I will make my own wreath.  That day came last night.  After a trip to Michaels for some yarn and felt, I was set to go.

For about two hours while watching a boring tv show, I was able to wind the yarn around and completely cover the wreath.  I should be folding laundry or something, but nah--

I used my Big Shot to cut some felt flowers.  I really should buy more flower dies as this is my only real flower set for the Big Shot.

Using a glue gun, I adhered the felt flowers together and then glued them directly on the wreath.

It's almost finished...

I added some mini light pink rhinestone all over for some added sparkle.

Finally, I hung it with some leftover Christmas ribbon.

I might have spent less than $8 on this one.  If I would do it again, I'd probably get the foam wreaths so it's not so bumpy like the straw ones.  And if you do have the straw ones, I read that you should leave the plastic wrapping on it so the yarn doesn't get snagged as much.

Happy Valentine's Wreath Making!

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