Saturday, May 19, 2012

Everyday Enchantment

I bought the Tea Shoppe stamp set from Stampin' Up! during Sale-A-Bration 2012 along with other items and earned the Everyday Enchantment DSP and Ribbon & Brad Pack for free.  I had a hard time with this set as I'm not a floral, vintage-y visionary.  Nevertheless, today I hosted a Ladies Tea and Craft with my fellow stampin' addicts using the Everyday Enchantment collection.  I will be hosting another one in June for our end-of-the-school-year celebration, yey!

Ladies Tea and Craft
Pottery Barn wire rack
See that random wire rack I found at Pottery Barn on clearance last month?!!  It will be put to many more great uses in the future.  Here are the projects we actually made today:

The tea dispenser instructions are found here.  There were so many cut pieces involved eventhough I did a more simple version.  I decided to lay them out before the creative chaos began.

For the cards, I had the pieces ready to be stamped and assembled contained in the clear translucent envelopes.  I don't know why I didn't do that before, duh!

And this was the best part..coordinating custom cupcakes made by Tiffany from Peridot Sweets.  I had the honor of topping her cupcake creations with delicate fondant cuties this morning.  They were delightfully delish!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

our little tea party
Another stampin' addict made a beautiful 3  x 3 card pictured below.  She's getting ready for her swaps for the SU Convention this July and she just happened to have this lil card with her today.  Yup, that's how true stampin' addicts roll, they carry cards in their purses, lol!

make Everyday an Enchantment!

Happy Stampin'!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

In between Mother's Day lunch and Mother's Day dinner today, I was trying to work on some cards.  I've been struggling to make the Everyday Enchanment designer paper from Stampin' Up! for days now and just can't seem to come up with a combo that I'm happy with.  So I really don't have any decent cards to post but my little girl just makes me smile everyday.  She joined me in my stampin' office when she woke up from her nap and played with some scraps.   

At least she crafted something that made her happy.  A spyglass.  Yup, she said she didn't know what to make so she made a "spyglass."  Here's another look at this creation in action:

She's so funny and crafty, that girl!  I'm so blessed to be her mommy.  My .faith. brings my joys of motherhood.

necklace from

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Seussville Party!

Last weekend, we had the privilege of celebrating an adorable little boy's first birthday party.  Can you guess what the theme was?  This party can also be found here

Here's the invite we received: 

It was such a well planned party full of fabulousness that I had to ask Chase's mom, Jenny, if I could use some of her pictures and share it here for all to see.  She was so sweet and humble giving credit to her family and friends who helped her, and yes, I met some of her family and friends and they were all as sweet as her.  And Faith also had a blast playing with a 2 year old, a 3 year old and even the "great-grand" people in the party.  So here we go...Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Welcome Sign

As we walk up to the house, we were greeted at the front door with "Welcome to Seussville!"  There was a designated photographer, Melissa of Magnolia May Photographer, with ready props on hand, Dr. Seuss hats, of course!

the Two Cats in Hats
Right next to the gift drop-off area, there was a sign-in table with coordinating party hats.  The guests can sign and leave their birthday greetings in Chase's Happy Birthday to You book.

Jenny mentioned she ordered a digital printable on etsy and DIY'd most projects with help from her family and friends. 

birthday banner
She ordered this birthday sign at Costco and I think it cost her around $20.

the birthday boy and his birthday sign
The party was mainly set up in the backyard.  The food included Who-pudding, Roast-beast, Green Eggs, Truffula Tree Sticks and more.

coordinating water bottles, yes!
They even had rainbow goldfish fish, two fish, orange fish, green fish!  So clever and cute.

Thing 1 and Thing 2's cupcake tower was a sight to see.  Faith enjoyed those fluffy cotton candy way too much!

It was topped by the Hat made by Peridot Sweets

And the birthday boy had a smashin' great time with his cake!

Happy 1st Birthday, Chase!

awww, they were too cute!

The giveaways were lollilops and toothbrushes.  Faith grabbed the lollipop right away.  I don't think she even noticed the toothbrush, ha!  But it's always good to have clean teeth :D


Thank you Jenny for inviting us. We had a fantastic time!