Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm a Barbie Girl

Remember Aqua and the Barbie Girl song?  Life in plastic, it's fantastic!  It's just a silly, funny song about Barbie. 

She's such an icon, her life has been full of controversies and lawsuits over the decades.  But nonetheless, our house is full of Barbies.  My four year old plays with her Barbies on and off.  She set them up like this over the weekend.

The horse is right behind them, in that enclosure of some sort and her convertible is right behind the horse.   These dolls come with a lot of gear and accessories. LOL!

There are maybe 5 more dolls hidden in closets from past birthdays and Christmases.  That's not including my collectible collection of maybe 20-30 Barbies?  She hasn't even seen those.  Surprisingly, I haven't actually bought her any Barbies myself.  I'm glad many generous family and friends have. 

Growing up, I think I had 2 or 3 Barbies.  And they were factory rejects.  We had cousins who worked in a  Mattel factory in Bulacan, Philippines back in the 80s.  I think that's how my sister and I got our dolls.  I don't remember opening any standard packaging for Barbie.  They came as is...and maybe with a pair of legs that were a bit different tint from each other.  I played with them a lot.  We had a nanny who made clothes for them, too.  Street vendors outside of our school in Cubao also sold their Barbie clothes cheap.  So we had quite a collection.  I brought a few of those clothing with me when we moved to the United States in 1988.  I don't have them anymore.  Now we just have a bunch of dolls chillin'...

Ooops, actually the 4 year old just told me, "they're eating breaktas (breakfast)."  Umm, ok.  Imagination, life is your Aqua.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tea for Two

Today's stampin' project came from my upline, Shauna.  She held a Craft Tea Fundraiser during Spring Break couple weeks ago and they made these.  She was sweet enough to hold a make-up session for some of us who couldn't make it to the fundraiser and I was able to make these.

The Tea Bag Dispenser project details can be found here, RunningwScissorsStamper's blog.  Here's a close up of what I made.

I will be having a Ladies Tea and Craft event in May in honor of Mother's Day so this is perfect.  I will be using the Everyday Enchantment series from Stampin' Up's Sale-A-Bration.  I'm excited to play with some pretty paper and embellishments.

And here's a fun little box using the Petal Card Double Punch from Stampin' Up!  Punch 4 petals, glue them together and fold them into a little box.  It's so cute!

The last project doesn't need any glue.  It only involves folding and a ribbon to hold it together.  I don't have any regular tea packets around the house so this is all I could find, an Emergen-C packet, lol!

On the other side is another pocket to hold the card.  Perfect giveaways and treats for Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Showers, etc.  Instructions can be found in Chiaki's blog.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It just took years...

The staircase gallery is somewhat complete.  It just took years to get there, ha!  I bought the frames from Pottery Barn and Kohl's about 2 years ago on sale or clearance of course.  The little blue wooden plaque was given by my sister in 2006 I think.  And the "Home" and Flower Décor Elements from Stampin' Up! I earned free couple years ago.  They've been in our coffee table drawer all these years getting all wrinkled up. 

So here's what I did this sunday afternoon:

I've done this before but I forget how tricky they could be.  Straight ones are easy like that Long Stem Silhouette, but the curvy lines on this one makes it tricky.  The worst was Faith's Growth Chart.  That growth chart took me hours to put up since it kept rolling on itself so I thought this would be a piece of cake...but my arm still hurt after scraping the letters on the wall (must be just getting old, too!).  But it does dress up a blank wall differently so it's all worth it.

Now on to the wooden blue came square, blank and empty.  I've been planning on putting the Flower Décor Elements on it for the longest time and finally did.  I switched the original polka dot blue ribbon to a dark brown one I had in my ribbon scrap pile and called it done.

Here's another look of our staircase galllery that just took a couple of years in the making (just ignore the glare from the window).  We mostly eyeballed it, used a level tool thingy as an attempt to make them straight, and measured it a little to kinda spaced them right. 

And just to end on a random note, I found a new addition to the craft room...a wire basket from Pottery Barn on clearance, woohoo!  Not sure where to put it yet but it'll be lovely anywhere.

Have an awesome week!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring in Full Swing

Bryce Canyon National Park
We took a little break for Spring Break to beautiful Utah.  Zion and Bryce Canyon are gorgeous and a couple hours away from Vegas.  Can you believe these two places are about 35 miles away from each other yet offer such different breathtaking landscapes? 

Zion National Park

A day after we got back, my Stampin' Up upline already asked when we can play stamps :)  So we did.  I missed her last event since we were in Utah.  I had the privilege for a make-up session.  She showed me some masking techniques.  'Hope I can remember them...

Teacup Stack

Shadows on Ice

Have a fabulous weekend!