Monday, December 10, 2012

LEGO® Friends 7th Birthday

A week ago, I helped set up a LEGO® Friends 7th Birthday Party for a sweet little girl.  The mom contacted me about 4 weeks prior and she sent me a picture of the celebrant's LEGO® Friends set.  I never heard of it before and I'm so glad to have been introduced to this "girly" LEGO® world.  Yeah, there are some controversy about this series with gender equality blah, blah...but hey, my 5 year old loves her Cinderella LEGO® Duplo and regular LEGO®.  She builds airplanes for Cinderella and her prince to ride, lol!  Anyway, back to the party...

Let's start with the sweets:

cake by Peridot Sweets
cookies by Peridot Sweets
bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes
chocolate LEGO® bricks
ice trays for chocolate molds from Amazon
candy bricks from It'Sugar at Town Square
also available from Amazon

rainbow Twizzlers

The mom wrapped juice boxes to look like LEGO® bricks and she ordered the water bottle wrap file from etsy.  I added the extra water bottle bling on the caps. 

drink station

It helped to have a crafty mom.  Not only did she do the juice boxes, but she also wrapped all the background LEGO® boxes, attached circles on the gift bags and covered the giant brick backdrop we had hanging on the wall.  She also made hair bow clips for the girls.  Check out all the LEGO® swag we had :)

drink cups from Party City
We had three different activities for the kids:  guess how many bricks, coloring station, and build the tallest tower.

coloring pages printed from
LEGO® website

These kids just naturally knew how to LEGO® party :)  This was another awesome party that I'm thinking of having a 6th birthday party like this one again next September...we shall see ;) 

welcome sign at the door

Faith and Danika
birthday girl
Happy Birthday, Danika!


Agapito Bernardo said...

Truly awesome party! I was wondering how you did the gift bags....also the lego "boxes" and the birthday clebrant"s name. Everything was done so clever and creative! (I know somewhere in there the verb form I used is wrong, hahaha!)

Beulah said...

I got plain gift bags and the birthday girl's mom, Tes, attached round styrofoam discs that were wrapped in coordinating card stock. We collected boxes from SAMs club and Capri sun boxes. Tes found plain gift wraps from the dollar tree and wrapped all the boxes and she used the same styrofoam discs to make the Lego pegs on top. I learned to make letters from a Lego nameplate workshop pottery barn kids hosted couple weeks ago.

Melissa Baranowski said...

I was wondering where you found the bags for the lego bricks... My daughters party is next month and I wanted to put them in the treat bags! Thanks for your help!

Beulah said...

Melissa, I'm not sure which bags you're asking about. But most clear cellophane bags were bought by the birthday girl's mom. I think she bought them either at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn. Stampin' Up! also sells cello bags in variety of sizes

charissa said...

This looks like a great party! I'm just wondering how you made all of the tags and game signs?

Beulah said...

Charissa, the tags and game signs were made on Word. I google images for Lego Friends, save it on my desktop and insert them on Word.

Eleanor Gayhart said...

Where did you get the lego ribbon for the bows on the bags and the hair clips?

Beulah said...

The mom bought the ribbon from etsy and she made them into hair bows.

Peter Carlino said...

Do you have the name of the etsy shop to buy the water bottle wraps? They are adorable any my soon to be 8 year old would love to have something similar for her lego party?

Anonymous said...

What did you use for the candy bricks? plastic bag? where did you find them?

Beulah said...

Peter Carillo, I don't know where the mom bought the water labels from on easy. Sorry, I hope you find something similar that would work for your party.

Candy Bricks from itSugar were placed in clear cellophane bags. I think the mom bought the bags from either Joanns or Michaels.

Beulah said...

*etsy not easy, oops