Saturday, November 3, 2012

Orange, Brown & Gold Celebration

Last February, we had a Nerf party for my 8 year old nephew.  His grandma, also my husband's aunt, asked if I can do that  kind of setup for "older folks," too.  We joked around that we're going to have a Britney Spears themed party for her 75th birthday.  All kidding aside, the birthday celebrant decided on orange, brown and gold for her celebration.  This is what I came up with...

DIY paper fans
don't be fooled,
it was easy but time consuming
cookies from World Market
cheese balls from Sam's Club
napkins from Target
Marshmallow Pops
paper straws from Target

Stampin' Up! treat boxes

water bottles
Aunt Norma, timeless beauty

gallery using Ikea frames
iced tea
orange hand towels
food from Thai BBQ
with my sister and Faith
Happy 75th Birthday, Aunt Norma!

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