Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Batman™/Batgirl Party: Part 2

Check out my post on Batman™/Batgirl Party:  Part 1 to see the invites and how this Batman™/Batgirl party got started.  Our party started at 5:30 PM and I was allowed to come in half an hour before the party to set up.  I wished I had more time.  But when we got there, the tables and balloons were ready to go.

I wrapped some juice boxes with black paper and printed some Batman™ logos on card stock.  We placed the masks I cut from foam on each place setting.

Batman™ Juice

I made the city scape from all the packaging boxes I received from my online purchases, lol...cut up some squares and used the negative of the square cut outs for more windows.  I got the POW! ZAP! templates from 3 Sweet P's blog post on her superhero party.  Keep scrolling down her post till you see her templates, she's got masks and capes on there, too.

Batman™ doll from Target
(found it in the boy's bedding collection)
Rock Candy from Kara's Party Ideas Shop
Flashlights from the Dollar Tree
Instructions found on the Silhouette Blog
*update* Batman logo no longer available :(

 Batman™ Vinyl Logos from the Silhouette Store
*update* Batman logo no longer available :(

On the other table, we set up the cake, cookies, cupcakes, marshmallow treats and other sweet favors.  I don't think I ever did finish setting up this table.  I lost the screw to make my 3-tiered glass trays (I finally did find it on the piano back home).  So the marshmallows and cookies ended up on glass plates instead...oh well, the kids still ate them :)  Guests were already coming in and the photogragper taking her pics...and that lemonade fountain was spraying everything within its range, haha.  When Soulfire Studios emailed me a pic of that fountain weeks before the party, it looked magical and dreamier, lol.

another awesome cake by Tiffany
of Peridot Sweets
the cake was all gone by the time
I came back to the party room
cupcakes by my friend, Audrey
baking cups from Pick Your Plum
black stands from Target's Dollar Spot
marshmallow treats also by Audrey
Batman™ ring from Amazon
cookies by Tiffany of Peridot Sweets
Black Twizzlers Favors
Stampin' Up! 1x8 cello bag
Lemonheads Candy Favors
Stampin' Up! 1x8 cello bag
(pssst, they're only $2.50 per 50 cello bags!)
yellow buckets from Target's garden section
I think I bought them earlier this year or last year
during one of their end of the season clearance
paper straws from Pick Your Plum
batgirls chitchatting by the sweets
The party package included facepainting, story time, costumes and dancing.  When the kids went into the dance room, they did some warm-ups, stretched, and practiced their dance moves before they got in their cool Batman™ costumes.

excited to be the line leader into the dance room
batcrew in full gear
with the birthday girl
off to the bat cave!
until next year...
One day we will still have that pink princess party {sigh}

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Batman™/Batgirl Party: Part 1

Faith turned 5 last month.  We had her party at Soulfire Studios.  There was a deal way back in January at Plum District and that's how I first heard about this place.  It was quite far from where we live but it was worth it.  They had their own photographer and when they finally sent me the link to the pics, they also included a video slideshow.  That was a nice surprise.  So here's the link of the video

Last year, I thought we were having a Princess & Pirates 5th Birthday for this year's party.  I was busy pinning away.  But no, once we got the list of themes from Soulfire Studios, the princessy themed ones just didn't sound appropriate...dance studio, princess, tutus...all sounds too cliché and expected.  When I read the list out loud to Faith, she heard Batman™/Batgirl and that's how we ended up with hot pink, yellow and black in our party.

invitation front
with Stampin' Up! Bat Punch
invitation back
About two weeks before the party, Silhouette Blog featured the New Batman™ shapes.  They created a Batman™ invitation using flashlights from the Dollar Tree.  'Just in time for DIY favors for our party... 

I wanted to get all yellow and black flashlights but the three stores I went to ran out.  They had a lot of the plastic ones like the pink above.  It even came in blue, green and orange. 

They really do work and the Batman™ logo does project on the wall.  We still have fun with this flashlight until now.

A superhero is not complete without a mask.  I got the template from Martha Stewart's Dreamers Into Doers website, those ladies are über talented.  I bought some foam from Michaels and elastic from Hancock Fabric.  I blinged up the bat (leftover from the invitation) with some pink rhinestones for the birthday girl.

A dear friend came over to help the day of the party to make some cupcakes.  I think this was her third time making cupcakes for Faith's birthday and it probably won't be the last.  Thank you very much, Ms. Audrey!

Batman™/Batgirl ingredients
cupcake liners and paper straws
from Pick Your Plum
cupcakes and batgirl ready to party!
Come back for more Party Deets, this is just Part 1!