Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello Kitty Birthday

My neice will be 1 this week.  Her birthday and my daughter's birthday are one day apart.  So when she was born last year, my cousin-in-law and I decided they do their party the weekend before and we do our party the weekend after.  And 1 year later...the Hello Kitty 1st Birthday made its debut :)

DIY banner
the Hello Kitty shop is open!
goods were bought in the Philippines
I used my girl's Hello Kitty collection
and bins from her room to style the store
pink & purple M&Ms
bedroom night stand doubles to hold
lovely water bottles
blinged up h2o
my daughter's lunchbox and free Happy Meal toys
gender neutral favors:
Hello Kitty fruit snacks, Crayola crayons & fruit roll ups

party hats and my Hello Kitty from 1995
(also bought from the Philippines)
not sure what happened to the nose
but my mom had sewn her couple of time, lol
food by Chef Ronnie
giant banner from the Philippines
chocolate cake by Andrea's World of Cakes

smash cake
the birthday girl was overwhelmed
she fell asleep right after
not much smashin' here
napkins and cups from Walmart
balloons taped on the ceiling
idea seen from Cakes Likes a Party
hanging lanterns over the kitchen island

 birthday girl with grandma
upside down balloons idea from Pinterest

bouncy house 
she couldn't wait to ride the pink kitty

Hello Kitty {love}
with birthday girl's mom, also cousin-in-law
love the Hello Kitty glasses
Happy 1st Birthday, Charlize!

Check out this party at Catch My Party and click on the cupcake to like the party!  Thanks :)