Monday, August 6, 2012

Stampin' Up! Convention 2012: Riverton Campus Tour Part 2

My last post ended with the Legacy Museum tour at the Stampin' Up! headquarters in Riverton, UT. Here are some other pictures I took.  As you walk around the atrium from the Legacy Museum, you come across a hallway leading to three different areas:  Demonstrator Support, Distribution Center Balcony, and Ideas Room.

Ideas Room
giant beanbags
employees are encouraged to
"think outside the box"
floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls in the Conference Room
my note to Shelli
From the Atrium Balcony, you can take a peek of the state-of-the art Distribution Center.  Shelli wants a "pleasant place to work," therefore, the walls were painted white and had skylights installed to make the area brighter.  Music is also piped through the warehouse each day.

ergonomically friendly warehouse
designed to have little or
no lifting of boxes required

Here's the Distribution Center from the lower level:

We were told that this area was built lower into the grounds to accommodate high ceilings yet allows the building to blend naturally to its surrounding, not sticking out like other ordinary warehouses.

My next stop was the Demonstrator Support area.  It's cool to see who and where our friendly "supporters" work.  They had Stampin' Up! displays all over their desks and cubicles.  And at the end of the room, an employee gave us a cute li'l fan to take home.  It said, "Demonstrator Support is my biggest FAN," nice touch.

Rett, busy working

And finally, pics of the great halls of Stampin' Up! 

Riverton, UT
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