Monday, August 20, 2012

Ready-to-Pop Baby Shower

Ready-to-Pop Baby Shower
Earlier this month, my sunday school childhood bff /cousin-in-law had a baby shower.  We had a Ready-to-Pop theme.  You can see the invitations on  this post.  There was a really, really cute cupcake I saw online but it was out of the budget!  But we had a diaper cake so all is well :)

The topper was inspired by this etsy item.  The popcorn container came from Cost Plus World if they knew we're having a popcorn party...they had a whole section on popcorn and props, so fun! 

I tucked in extra diapers in the popcorn container to "fill" it and rolled white and yellow washcloths for the topping.  The washcloths came from Target...but shhh, they didn't come in those colors...I had to switch some around ;)

I had been "collecting" items for this party for awhile now, like the popcorn containers at Target's dollar spot that went on clearance couple months ago and the paper straws were bought from Very Jane.  Inside the popcorn containers were peanuts and cracker jacks bought from Sam's Club.

My daughter and even my mother-in-law helped out with some of the party details.  They were sponging many of the printables up til the last hour of my setup.  I'm very thankful for all the friends and family who stepped up and help pull this shower together, especially with the food.  Noone went home hungry and most of them {I heard} went crazy with the take home a.k.a. "clean up."   

my sponger
Filipino food
I got this idea from Pinterest...the guests wrote notes/messages for the baby.  They chose and completed one of  the phrases, "I hope you learn...," "I hope you love...," "I hope you are not afraid of..." and "I hope you laugh..."  The mother-to-be got to pick one as the winner and a couple of us alternated reading the notes right before the gifts were opened.

Here were some other areas I set up:
gift table
Welcome Sign
popcorn bar, popcorn bowls were also from
Cost Plus World Market
Large $9.99, Small $3.99 {i think}
it was y.u.m. and i don't eat spicy!
also from Cost Plus World Market
porcelain strawberry baskets from Crate & Barrel
napkins from Cost Plus World Market $2.99
root beer from Cost Plus World Market
first time i went, they were $1.12 each
i came back for more and they were $0.74 each
yey!  so i bought them i had a coupon :)
Twizzlers favors
red-striped scrapbooking paper from Michaels
mini red velvet cupcakes from Sam's Club
red-striped bakers from Very Jane

while waiting for the guests to arrive,
mom-to-be and i took lotsa pics
this family takes baby shower games seriously, lol
we played the Name Game where they had to match
the guests' names to the correct meanings of names
the fave name of the night Galileo:  a rolled sheet!
many relatives drove from California to join in the celebration 
We had a poppin' good time!


Valerie Anderson said...

Awww great theme for the baby shower! I guess some baby shower games that is related to popcorn would be great!

All the best,

Blanca Olivares said...

How did you make the washcloths stand out like popcorn?

Beulah said...

Thanks Valerie. I usually just have easy, simple games since the set up takes up most of my time.

Blanca, I rolled diapers inside to fill the popcorn container and I rolled the washcloths on top.