Thursday, June 14, 2012

storage issues

So I'm officially on summer vacation 2012!  Woohoo!  We kicked off my vacay mode by going to Rancho Cucamonga to watch the Pacquiao fight last Saturday, boooo!  He lost.  And spent couple days in Newport, California.  As I was getting ready to pack for the trip and putting school stuff away, I got distracted by this...

yup, I'm having storage issues!

Such wasted space.  Those folding shelves are not enough.  I got a yard stick and started measuring other shelving options around the house.  And so we left for our trip and when we got back, I took almost everything out of that closet.

I left the top shelf as is.  That's for another season of a project.  I decided to use the two Ikea Expedit shelves we bought last December in the closet for better storage.  They are only $39.99 each and come in different colors.  It's still a work in progress but I call it done for now.

I still need to get those plastic drawers to house the new Stampin' Up! punches and stamp sets.  If only I wasn't lazy, I'd paint the closet inside.  I have a million projects in my head that I'd like to work on during my vacation.  Let's see how far I get.

Have a wonderful week!

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Agapito Bernardo said...

Hi Bo!

Are you back from your CA trip?

I believe living in cramp dorms at UO has taught you superb organizational skills! That reminds me to do my own organizing of an ever increasing volume of clothes, some of which I have to actually get rid of.
We miss you already....
Love & hugs,
Ma & Pa