Saturday, June 16, 2012

FlipFOLD® Laundry Folder

Long, long time ago, the hubby and I both worked in retail.  I've worked at the Gap, Nordstrom, Coach, Limited, Bath & Body Works and other places during holidays and summer vacations throughout college and even when I first started teaching.  He worked at the Harley Davidson retail store, Blockbuster Video and some watch store at the Forum Shops.  Anyway, we have folded a ton of jeans and shirts during our clothing retail career.  And we both loved using the folding board.  A couple years ago, the hubby said he was going to make one of those boards.  Well, fast forward to a couple years later...The Container Store opened right here in Las Vegas, yes!  And as I was perusing one of their catalogs, I spotted a folding board, double yes!!  So tonight, the hubby said he was going to buy the folding board, yippee!  And so we did.  Yes, we have a very exciting life in Vegas, hehe.
FlipFOLD® Laundry Folder
We were a little doubtful at first since this had more components than what I used at the Gap.  Back then, we just used a board that looked more like a clipboard.  This was fancier.  After reading the 4-step instruction on the tag, I looked for some shirts to fold.

Step 1:  lay & smooth the shirt on the board

Step 2:  tuck in the extra from the bottom

Step 3:  flip the board

Step 4:  flip the other board and tuck in the extra sleeve that's peeking out

Step 5:  flip the bottom board
The original 4-step instruction was, "flip, flip, flip, fold."  I added some extra tucking and smoothing out to make it work for me.  It does say it only takes 5 seconds to fold a shirt.  And I really do think you can.  Hubby took out all his shirts from one of his drawers and started folding.  They stack neater and takes up less space.

Now if we can only color coordinate these shirts, lol.  Below are some shirts I folded.  Thanks, Ann for the Hard Rock shirts straight from Macau.  They were perfect for my demo :)

Happy Folding!


sheldon clothes folder said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it.

Beulah said...

Thank you, Sheldon!