Sunday, March 4, 2012

Roaming around Pinterest & Target

'just another normal Sunday except I actually "tried" an idea from Pinterest for breakfast, originally the cone should be a waffle and the cherry should be a slice of strawberry...but I don't have waffles nor strawberries in the house so a piece of toast, bananas, and M&Ms will have to do.  Plus what 4 year old wouldn't want  M&Ms for breakfast instead! 

Her face was beaming with joy when she saw her plate.  Her comment was, "you give me the best food, mommy..."  Awwww she's so sweet, that girl!  We later made the leftover toast into a "boat" of some sort, just to keep things interesting.

Later today, I was walking around Target as usual and I saw some fun stuff on their shelves.  In the Party Aisle, they have a zebra print with hot pink paper plates, napkins, etc. and next to it is this fun little collection of Keep Calm and Birthday On party products.  Noted for future party use!
Party On, Yeah!
And then the next aisle over, more eye candy.  I'm just swooning with this print and color combo.  Yey, for spring!  It reminds me of a Brighton bag I want.  Let's see if I get one for my birthday :)
Poppy Love

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