Sunday, March 11, 2012

{Project} Rainbow Treats

I don't know much about St. Patrick but his day is always one day before my birthday.  I'm not sure how the little green man, his pot of gold, rainbows and them shamrocks all tie in together either.  And as a Christian, I don't believe in luck as everything happens for a reason according to God's will.  Ha! Pretty much St. Patrick's Day is doomed in my book.  But I do like singing the Lenny the Leprechaun song to my preschoolers and oh Pinterest, working with little people 5 years and under, and my love of paper crafts...I just can't pass up to join in this crazy, green jubilation with some Rainbow Treats!

So I found Rainbow Twizzlers at Walmart for $1.88 each pack, Rolos at Target for $2.88 each pack, 20 clear Treats Bags also at Walmart for $0.97, and the ribbon I bought last year at Hobby Lobby I think.

Thank you to Our Best Bites for posting a step-by-step tutorial.  Not only did I learn the order of the colors of the rainbow, but I also needed to learn how to insert them Twizzlers and make them bend like a rainbow.

Just in case you want to know, it's Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and here's an awesome website for teaching ideas and activities on Rainbows for preschoolers.  Anyway, I also read somewhere that a whole package of Rainbow Twizzlers has the exact 6 (not really all 7) colors you'll need to make 5 treat bags.

Thanks also to The Party Dress for her free printables.  She used them as cake pop toppers.  I had to log in to Scribd to download, just a little extra step.  She also said to use a 2" circle punch, mine was a little bit smaller and it still worked.  There were 12 tags in a sheet.  I printed mine on Whisper White card stock from Stampin' Up!

So now I have 5 cool Rainbow treats.  I have about 60 students in my caseload!  I'm not buying 12 packages of Twizzlers.  I was going to cut them up but that's going to take too long.  And though they smell really yummy, I'm too lazy to do that much work.  

These 1 x 8 cellophane bags from Stampin' Up! came to the rescue.  I've been using them since October last year.  I've never even bought Twizzlers prior to that, ha!  Now I search high and low to find the right ones.

I made the tags using Word and clip art,  punch circle and scallop punches from scraps, glued them together and they were good to go.  Tied it all up with that same green ribbon and hemp twine from Stampin' Up! and called it done.  Most of the kids in my programs will most likely get a more simplified version.  I get tired and bored punching circles quickly.  I can't wait 'till Faith's little hands get strong enough to work those punches ;)

Taste the Colors of the Rainbow  

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