Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Blessings

Today I turn 37, another year closer to retirement, ha!  I am content with life.  I am grateful for a job I love and an awesome daughter to love and laugh with. 
Brazilian Churrascaria

We had a very filling dinner at Texas de Brazil.  They sent me an email for a complimentary birthday dinner so why not.  The Brighton bag I want is sold out, however, they might bring it back due to popular demand, so there is hope.
Poppywalk Super Tote

And lastly, we came home to a sparkly, clean home.  Thank you Lucy for making the whole home shine.  It is one of my fave indulgence in life to have someone else do the scrubbing.  My craft room/office is super clean even for just a brief moment of tidiness.  I've already started my scrapbooking mess as I'm writing this post. 
Look at all that table space to scrap on!

Have a great week!

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