Monday, February 20, 2012

Nerf Birthday

A little over two weeks ago, I had a request for a Nerf party from the birthday boy himself.  His mom is my husband's cousin and also one of my childhood friend from way back.  However, my house is full of pink, sparkles and princesses and I don't know anything about the "Nerf" world.  So I googled it and came across The Blackberry Vine whose Nerf party is pretty much being cased in this party.

Here is the invitation using Camo scrapbooking paper from Michaels and card stock from Stampin' Up! in Pumpkin Pie and Basic Gray.   
front of the invitation
back of the invitation
Part of the giveaways were individually bagged cheese balls.  A giant barrel of cheese balls were bought at Sam's Club for under $6 and Camo giveaways at Walmart for $1 for 4 kits, which included 4 bags, 4 party hats and 4 blowouts.  So I was able to make 20 goodie bags for less than $12.  I had leftover Thank You stickers from my daughter's party.

cheese balls goodie bags

party hats and army men
 Another Thank You goodies were black licorice...not a fave candy but looks really cute all dolled up.

The cake was made by Doreen of Drago Sisters Bakery.  We also added 2 dozen mini Nerf cake darts...and thank you so much to Doreen, she just gave them to us basically free due to some confusion with our total.  She made my daughter's adorable bumble bee cake last year and will most likely be creating more fabulous cakes for us in the future.

Nerf darts mini cakes

Water bottle labels and napkin rings come standard in my parties.  They are very easy to make and add to the decor.  Paper plates, cups, tablecloths, napkins and mini army men were all just $1 each pack at Walmart, so affordable! 

Nerf Juice is actually just Sunkist.  We used the orange cans as targets for the games.

Eye Protectors were cheap kid sunglasses also from Walmart and the Blowout Blasters were part of that Camo kit with the party hats and the Camo bag used for the cheese balls.  If you're having a Nerf War, eye protection is a must.

We set up three stations for the kids to use their Nerf gadgets on...Target Test, Tin Can Challenge and Army, Set, Aim!  The kids were very patient, shared, and took turns nicely.  Of course, the birthday boy won!  It is his day after all.

They also got to play outside afterwards.  Nerf Wars in progress...

yup, that's my girl!

Yummy halo-halo treats during break time were needed before the birthday boy opened his presents and everyone had their cake.

present time

Happy Birthday, Sean!


Anonymous said...

Where can I get a copy of the "Nerf Wars" logo and also the picture of the nerf gun?

Beulah said...

just Google "Nerf" images or "Nerf Wars" and copy/paste the images on Word/Publisher or similar program