Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Glory to God in the Highest,
and on earth peace,
good will toward men.
Luke 2:14

Christmas eve dinner was spent at my sister's before we headed to our church for the candlelight service.

On Christmas Day, we had a gathering with my husband's relatives that was held at his cousin's house.  Amidst the chaos of too many kids, aunts, food and tons of presents, here is my Christmas set up for the kids and kids at heart...

Free Printables from Bird's Party via HGTV

mini chocolate donuts, red M&Ms, pretzels
and white sprinkles make fun Reindeer Donuts

'Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with loved ones!

Monday, December 10, 2012

LEGO® Friends 7th Birthday

A week ago, I helped set up a LEGO® Friends 7th Birthday Party for a sweet little girl.  The mom contacted me about 4 weeks prior and she sent me a picture of the celebrant's LEGO® Friends set.  I never heard of it before and I'm so glad to have been introduced to this "girly" LEGO® world.  Yeah, there are some controversy about this series with gender equality blah, blah...but hey, my 5 year old loves her Cinderella LEGO® Duplo and regular LEGO®.  She builds airplanes for Cinderella and her prince to ride, lol!  Anyway, back to the party...

Let's start with the sweets:

cake by Peridot Sweets
cookies by Peridot Sweets
bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes
chocolate LEGO® bricks
ice trays for chocolate molds from Amazon
candy bricks from It'Sugar at Town Square
also available from Amazon

rainbow Twizzlers

The mom wrapped juice boxes to look like LEGO® bricks and she ordered the water bottle wrap file from etsy.  I added the extra water bottle bling on the caps. 

drink station

It helped to have a crafty mom.  Not only did she do the juice boxes, but she also wrapped all the background LEGO® boxes, attached circles on the gift bags and covered the giant brick backdrop we had hanging on the wall.  She also made hair bow clips for the girls.  Check out all the LEGO® swag we had :)

drink cups from Party City
We had three different activities for the kids:  guess how many bricks, coloring station, and build the tallest tower.

coloring pages printed from
LEGO® website

These kids just naturally knew how to LEGO® party :)  This was another awesome party that I'm thinking of having a 6th birthday party like this one again next September...we shall see ;) 

welcome sign at the door

Faith and Danika
birthday girl
Happy Birthday, Danika!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ready-To-Pop Baby Shower Take 2

Last October, I got a phone call Friday afternoon asking for help setting up a baby shower party for the following Sunday.  It was less than 2 days notice, yikes!!!  I was tempted to say 'no' since I had a full weekend planned (Stampin' Up! Workshop, Pumpkin Patch outing, church, etc.).  But I didn't.  The client requested the Popcorn Party, she was there the last time we had it..I thought since I've done it before and I already knew where to get supplies and such, it was doable.

I didn't know where or what the venue looked like.  The baby shower was held at the parents home of the mother-to-be.  It was a beautiful home right next to the golf course.  They had the tables set up outside in their backyard.  I had a hard time taking pics because they had this green netting over their fence to protect their home from flying golf balls, so my pics look greenish, oops! 

I found the red striped bowls at World Market where I also bought most of the Popcorn supplies just like the last time.  The red beverage dispenser was from Target.  It was around $5 from their 4th of July clearance.  Of course, I bought two...we just ran out of room, lol!

The wrought iron cart is perfect for these water bottles.  I bought it at Rod Works.  I think I had a Living Social deal that I used.  There's a lot of fun stuff at that store.

I made circle tags for the popcorn labels and attached them to paper straws.  I also added a washi tape flag to complete the look.

mini red velvet cupcakes

lemonhead treats
"popcorn" favors
diaper cake
tables for guests
It's awesome the homeowners were used to having parties.  They had several tablecloths custom made for their tables...they just happened to have red ones and I had some extra white ones to make them into runners.  Considering I had less than 48 hours to set this up, it turned out pretty nice!

Thanks for poppin' by!