Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shopkins 9th Birthday

9.17.2016 || My daughter got into Shopkins last year with her 3rd grade friends. So when I saw Shopkins party items on clearance at Walmart last spring, I had to buy them. And I'm thankful that I did since Walmart didn't have much lately. Party City had a pretty decent collection and they're pretty much everywhere nowadays that I am sick of them yet gravitate toward them at the same time. Here are some photos from our birthday celebration.

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my cousins-in-law did the final set up
as I was busy cleaning up a spill in
the kitchen and the guest
started arriving
another awesome cake
by my cousin-in-law, Francis
cookies and macarons by Tamara

mini water bottles
ribbons came from aliexpress, unfortunately the
seller is no longer selling the same item
circle tags are from Delicate Construction 
souvenir cups from Party City
filled with more sugar and sweets
I made my own tags
I also made my own sign
drink station
we ordered Chinese and Filipino dishes
we also had a lot of rice, like 4 trays of rice
Welcome Sign I also made
Kooky Cookie piƱata from Walmart
I was really sad it got destroyed eventually :(
It was so cute! 
scene setter from Party City
living room decked out with Shopkins
I couldn't find a local costume character for hire that has Shopkins
so I asked my coworker who did a Cinderella gig looong time
ago for another coworker to dress up as Jessicake, one of the
Shoppies doll. She already owned an 80s prom dress. I just bought
an aqua wig and fuchsia shoes from China to complete the look.
With some glue gun and felt, I embellished her cupcake shoes,
and also made the cupcake head accessories two hours
before the party lol
the DJ fam bam with Jessicake
birthday girl and Jessicake
Thanks so much, Dani!
It's actually birthday week for both of them....

Happy Birthday, Faith & Dani!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hello Kitty Birthday

8.18.16 || We {love} Hello Kitty and so does our lil birthday celebrant. I wasn't at the actual party to set up but pretty pleased with how well birthday mom and dad followed my pictorial instructions. Good job S family!

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basic set up in my dining room
most of the Hello Kitty props
were from a cool, coworker
who happens to collect
Hello Kitty
treat boxes from Party City

fruit snacks from Walmart
bubbles and blowouts from Party City

free printables found here

cotton candy tubs from Sam's Club
got the Hello Kitty image from here
and sized it to fit the lid
1x8 cello bags from Stampin' Up!
(most likely already discontinued)
with pink and white M&M

Hello Kitty Tiaras from Party City 
cake made by my cousin-in-law
birthday girl blowing her candles
party photos taken by guests

Happy 2nd Birthday, Scarlett!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Speech Room Tour 2015-2016

July 2016 || Summer is in full swing and I finally have the chance to post pics of my updated Superhero Speech Room from the recently past school year 2015-2016. I am very content with this setup as I put a lot of thought about how I really wanted to work in this space the beginning of the year that I probably won't change for the next school year. Check out my previous Superhero Speech Room here and see if you can spot the changes. The pictures were taken in the Fall so everything  was a bit "fresher," lol. I might refresh the door decor...we'll see :)

my Superhero themed door
Speech fabric banner by Dean Trout on Etsy.
I messaged her what my theme was
and she came up with the color scheme.
Superhero Name and Room # came from the digital file
I purchased from Speech Room Style via TpT.
I updated the lanterns by putting the masks on,
originally inspired by School Girl Style.
My dear friend Daniela sewed the chair covers.
The gray polka dot fabric I bought from
Walmart couple years ago.
The previous wardrobe cover didn't really go
with the room so I got a new blue and white
striped gift wrapping paper from Home Goods
and carefully "wrapped" my wardrobe making
sure the lines are somewhat aligned.
Thematic/seasonal lessons are in the blue
covered bins next to my extra penny folders
I've collected from all my Office Depot/Max trips.
~desk area~
Yes, I have "SLP" light up letters from
Heidi Swapp™ Marquee Love® Letter Kit
I hated all those unsightly binders that filled
this bookcase the past couple years so I purged
 and narrowed it down to 3 coordinating binders below.
The rest of the books and materials are in black milk crates I bought from Walmart.
my go to references
The table used to be up against that bulletin board.
The new set up allows me to sit more kids.
I wanted to make a functional, interactive board.
I saw Nicole Allison's Communication Tree Bulletin Board
and thought I can make these target words as the windows
on my city scape. Ideally, I wanted them on velcro so we
could use them during therapy. But my velcro is heavy duty
that the background paper would eventually get ripped
from constant pulling.

When I purged my unsightly binders from
the bookcase above, I decided to transfer the most
important contents on a more efficient filing
system instead using one of my desk drawers.
I used Thirty-One Double Duty Caddy
to hold essential supplies within an arm's reach
during therapy. This fabric print is probably retired.
I didn't like the cluttered things on my wall previously,
so just like the bookcase, I purged and decided to just
have these three folders up: Articulation and Phonology
screeners with my HAPP protocols
Enjoy the rest of the summer!